Summer Registration Information

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Registration Information

Summer 2015 Registration is taking place throughout April and May 2015 for students that have fully paid their fees. All students are responsible for loading their own timetable on MyHumber. *NO TIMETABLES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY LOADED*

Click on the Registration Dates and Types link below to determine the specific date/time when your program will be registering for courses

North and Lakeshore Registration Dates and Types

Before registering, be sure to check your Academic Progress on MyHumber. Learn how to view your Academic Progress here:

Other important Registration learning resources can be found here:

**PLEASE NOTE: There are two different types of Registration: Course Based and Block Based**

Course Based Registration: Students go to their MyHumber and are able to search the catalog and register for courses by typing the CRN (s) (Course Reference Number) based on their Academic Progress. The Academic Progress feature on MyHumber is a new tool that students will use to plan their registration. A blank timetable matrix can be accessed here to also assist in planning.

Block Based Registration: Students are required to select a primary block which contains core courses based on your current program and semester. Some students will also be required to select an additional block for non-core courses (eg. English, Math, Liberal Arts Electives, Program Electives). Students can track their progress in the program by checking their Academic Progress on MyHumber

Diploma & Degree Registration Week

April 13, 2015
9:00am - School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism and School of Health Sciences

April 14, 2015
9:00am - School of Media and School of Creative and Performing Arts
2:00pm - School of Social & Community Services and School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

April 15, 2015
9:00am - Business School

April 16, 2015
9:00am - School of Applied Technology

UNB Registration Week

April 29, 2015
9:00am - UNB Intercession Semester 4 (706P and 0706)
12:00pm - UNB Intercession Semester 6 (706P and 0706)

Part Time Registration and UNB Registration Week

May 4, 2015
Degree Breadth Elective Registation & Part Time Registration
WRIT/ESOL/MATH/GNED/LASB/GNED 101/HESL 024 and 1st Semester Business Courses:
Open for students who are repeating (failed or withdrawn from these courses in a previous semester)

May 5, 2015
9:00am - UNB Second Entry Semester 4 (706C)
12:00pm - UNB Second Entry Semester 7 (706C)

Timetable Changes

If students are unable to make timetable changes directly on their MyHumber, students require written permission from their Program Coordinator. If the request is approved, the program coordinator will complete a Student Action Form (SAF) on their behalf. SAF requests typically take 24-72 hours to process. Students should check their MyHumber regularly to see the latest status of their request.

Note: Course Based students will be able to make changes directly on their MyHumber, provided there is space in the course and it does not create a timetable conflict.

Program Coordinator contact information can be found on the Staff Directory located here.

Course List (GNED, LASB, and UNBE)

Full-Time students will be able to look up information on all available elective courses (GNED, LASB, and UNBE) and Program specific electives directly through their Academic Progress on MyHumber. Students must click on the elective course code (ie. GNED 000, LASB 000, UNBE 000) to open a new window that will show all the courses that will satisfy that elective. It will display the course description, Course Reference Numbers (CRNs), and date and time the course is offered for the upcoming semester. If there is no CRN, or date or time displayed, the course is currently not being offered and you will need to select a different course. More information on navigating your Academic Progress page can be found here.

UNB Elective Course List: Part-time students who would like to take a UNB Elective course in the Summer 2015 semester will require written permission from the Program Coordinator. If the request is approved, the Program Coordinator will complete a Student Action Form (SAF). SAF requests typically take 24-72 hours for processing. Visit your MyHumber regularly to check the status of your request.

Registration Guidebooks - Practical Nursing & Personal Support Worker

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North Campus

Registration books will be available below 3 days prior to students' registration date.

Students cannot participate in Summer 2015 Registration until their Summer 2015 fees are fully paid.

Practical Nursing Program 0704

Personal Support Worker Program 0774

Registration Guidebooks - UNB

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Humber UNB

Registration books will be available below 3 days prior to students' registration date

Click here to find out which payment method works for you.

2014-2015 Admission Requirements & University Regulations for the Bachelor of Nursing Degree Program

Bachelor of Nursing 0706:

Bachelor of Nursing Second Entry (706C)

Bachelor of Nursing Bridging (706P)

Your program coordinator contact information, please visit Humber's Staff Directory.

Computerized College Placement Testing (CCPT)

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Most diploma programs require first semester students to enrol in program specific math and communication courses. Students must complete their Computerized College Placement Test (CCPT) in order to register into these courses. Additional information can be found here.

Note: Placement Testing can be booked directly online on the website above.

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